Development Portfolio

Examples of my previous work.


Issue Ticket System

A technology issue handling system built with Google Forms and Sheets using Google Apps Scripts that automatically generate an issue ID number, routes issues to the proper tech staff through Google Groups, creates a Google Calendar event to notify the tech staff, and generates a confirmation email for the issue’s submitter.

Automated Issue Handling

When a ticket is received, the submitted issue type is compared to keywords in the issue’s description. If the description fits a different issue type better, the issue is changed to that type.

Built-in Routing and Collaboration

A Google Calendar event is automatically created and relevant roles and techs are added to the event, and ticket management action guide technology staff to communicate the correct information efficently.

Mobile / Flexible Ticket System Management App

An app built with G Suite’s App Maker (JavaScript, HTML, CSS) that integrates to the ticket system above, providing a UI for tech staff to modify and update issue tickets.

Built for Any Device

The app was designed to flexibly fit on mobile and desktop devices, and issue actions were built into each issue’s detailed view to make the user experience streamlined.




Expansive Issue View

Results display in a table, while clicking the issue’s row shows the issue’s details. This makes it easy to skim through issues and get a visual understanding of the current workload. The table condenses down on mobile.

Embedded Ticket System Management App

The predecessor to the app above, intended for usage as an app embedded directly in the Technology Dashboard shown below.

Ticket Management with UI

Technology staff can interact with tickets through a UI that is simple, intuitive, and easy on the eyes, all while using custom-built caching to limit script usage.

Dynamic Issue Actions

Issue management options change based on issue type, allowing for troubleshooting steps to get crucial details before routing the issue to specialists.

Technology Staff Dashboard

A Google Chrome extension that replaces the new tab page with a simple dashboard that contains the embedded ticket system app and links to internal sites and documents for tech staff.

Fast Access to Technology Tools

The dashboard serves as a hub that allows technology staff to manage issue tickets, quickly access website login pages, and find internal resources.

Issue Tracking App

A simple app that allows issue submitters to cancel tickets, reopen tickets, and check the status of an issue.

Easy Issue Status Checking

The app allows the issue’s submitter to follow the issue through the entire process, as most actions within the issue management app will update the status of the issue. This provides transparency that can motivate clients to submit their issues through the proper channel.

Issue Tracking Chat Bot

A Google Hangouts chat bot that interacts with the ticketing system above to make tracking the status of an issue easy.

A More Personal Way to Track Issues

Before the above issue tracking app was made, the chat bot was created as a way to track issues. The app was preferred over the bot due to ease of use and availability on mobile devices.