Visual Design / UI

Examples of my work.

Data Studio Analytics Dashboards

Reading Dashboard

A prototype reading dashboard I made to serve as a template for making one for each of our schools. The dashboard was created with Google Forms and Sheets and used custom Apps Scripts to process submitted data to identify a staff member vs a student submission based on the user ID and to reduce variations in book titles.

You can view this dashboard live here!


Technology & Innovation Dashboard

A dashboard I created with links to our department’s live and proposed analytics dashboards, featuring branding and each area’s distinct color palette.

You can view this dashboard live here!


Help Desk Dashboard

An example of one of the 6 detailed dashboards I made for specific aspects of our department. This dashboard details the trends of our help desk tickets and was created using Google Sheets and a custom script to pull and calculate data from a spreadsheet exported from our help desk software.

You can view this dashboard live here!